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Copy of TM522-1, Optimate Solar 10W Battery Charger, Maintainer, Optimiser for Motorcycles, Cars, TECMATE

Our Solar Chargers

“I bought a 10W OptiMate Solar Charger on 15/08/2018 as my motorbike is in a shed with no electricity.

I have not touched the bike since that date due to illness.

I was wanting to take the bike out tomorrow so thought I had better check to see if the battery was alright, after all that time (nearly 12 months) I was prepared for the worst.

I checked the charger monitor and to my amazement it was green! I thought there is no way the bike would start but it did! First time!!!!

I am truly flabbergasted after all that time it still maintained the battery in tip top condition.

Just wanted you to know as people tend to complain most of the time instead of giving praise.

I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing product, keep up the good work.” - Dale

Copy of TM252, OptiMate 7 Select Battery Charger, Maintainer, Trickle Charger, Optimiser and Car Charger

OptiMate 7 Select

“I purchased the OptiMate 7 Select in the end and wow what a battery charger. I would like to post a review.

I have a 12 volt 500ah Trojan battery bank made up of four 6 volt batteries. It was about 8 years old and had served me well. It had been worked hard in an off grid environment. Recently the batteries quickly lost their ability to hold capacity. When put under a 200w load the voltage quickly dropped below 12 volts. I thought that was it for my £800 battery bank.

I split the cells up into two 12v 250ah banks and left the OptiMate 7 Select on each one for 3 days on the 14.7v setting. I have now tested the batteries on very heavy loads and they are operating like normal. Amazing! 10 out of 10 for this charger.

Thank you OptiMate team.” - Mark

I just wanted to thank you for the great service getting my goods to me, I know it’s only a small spend but the communication and prompt attention has been brilliant. Thank you.
— David
I wanted to say thanks for the extremely prompt delivery and also your very sound technical advice. The charger has worked particularly well and my Porsche sits content in my garage with said charger fixed firmly to the wall and keeping my battery “just so” via the cigarette lighter socket.
A pleasure to do business with your company - thank you.
— Colin
Hi, just thought you might like some info about your products.
Back 1999 I bought a Suzuki 1200 Bandit and at the same time an OptiMate. I have always used my bike and always returned it to the OptiMate when not using it.
Can I just say thanks - it has worked so well that my bike is 12 years old now and still has the original battery on it which works fine.
Thanks Again.
— Steve
Just to say that the goods ordered yesterday afternoon have been received promptly this morning, which is fantastic service. Thank you.
— Tony