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TM78 DIN Socket

TM78, OptiMate TM, KET, Weatherproof DIN Socket, Panel Battery Connection Lead for Motorcycle

TM78 DIN Socket


TM78 - OptiMate / AccuMate DIN Socket Lead

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TM78 - OptiMate / AccuMate DIN Socket Lead

This weatherproof DIN accessory socket is designed to be panel-mounted on a vehicle to provide an external charging point and power outlet socket. It is the same format as is used on some Triumph, BMW and Honda motorcycles. In addition to providing a weatherproof connection point for your pre-2012 OptiMate charger using an optional accessory plug lead, it also provides a power outlet socket for other accessories - e.g. mobile phones, tyre pumps, portable CD players, notebook PCs, GPS navigation units, camping lights, etc. It is of particular use for scooters with sealed battery compartments and any vehicles where use of the standard fused permanent lead is not practical.

This lead simply plugs into to the 2-pin TM connector on the TM71 permanent eyelet lead supplied with AccuMate and OptiMate (TM versions). Compatible with the round 12V DIN plug on TM72 and TM95 accessory plug leads.

  • Innovative heavy-duty connection system
  • Compatible with standard TM connectors
  • Reliable weatherproof connection
  • Thick copper 18 SWG cable
  • Length: 100cm
  • Warranty: 3 years

If your OptiMate or accessory has the black SAE compatible OptiMate connector, you need O8.